Chattanooga Tornado Recovery

A person surveys a tornado damaged Advance Auto Parts location in East Brainerd in Chattanooga, Tenn. An overnight tornado destroyed homes and businesses in the Chattanooga region as severe storms killed at least 19 across the Southeast late Easter Sunday.

Tornados struck Chattanooga, Tennessee, late Easter Sunday and early the following morning, leveling homes and damaging businesses across the region. More than 30 people were killed by the natural disaster across the Southeast, which caused an estimated $300 million in damage in Chattanooga alone, according to the Times Free Press. Two Hamilton County residents were killed, and at least 20 were hospitalized.

A person photographs a home damaged by a tornado in an East Brainerd neighborhood in Chattanooga.

A painting sits in the window of a tornado damaged home in an East Brainerd neighborhood.

The storm tore the roof from East Brainerd Elementary school and devastated the nearby Holly Hills neighborhood, where residents spent the following morning salvaging the remnants of their homes. 

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